“Groups” are Freedom Center Church’s small group environments. The goal of these groups is to love God, love people, love serving, and to help others do the same. Whether it is an interest group, discipleship group, or learning group, check out the roster below and join a group!

2019 Groups RosteR

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Interest Groups

Directed by Chuck and Pam Cova, Interest Groups are small groups that are based on common bonds. It is people coming together through common interests to enjoy each other and enjoy Christ. Whether it is new memories or a common goal, an Interest Group is a great opportunity to build community with others.

Sunday Interest Groups:

ALiV Vision Challenge | Everyone Welcome | Chuck Cova | Fenton, 6:30pm | Starts 6/2/19

ALiV! Vision Challenge - A one month group experience designed to close the gap between Scripture promises on vision, mission and calling, and the life we are daily living.  We are unique in all creation in our ability to dream of a tomorrow that is different than today!  We are created to be creative - to dream big dreams and then bring them to pass! Clara's Hope, the Fenton Center of Hope, books published by our own Pastor Jim and Teri Miller - I could go on and on - were all at one point a dream, an inspired vision.  What about you? What's the dream in you waiting to be birthed, tweaked, adjusted or kick started?  Consider the most important aspects of our life (Faith, Family, Finances, Wellness, Career, etc.), or the most important people to you, and ask if you are living a John 10:10 experience (abundant life)? Are you walking out Ephesians 2:10 (preordained good works for us to do)? Are you stewarding your God given gifts and talents (1 Peter 4:10)?   This will be a fun and interactive experience to clarify our hopes/dreams/visions, and map a plan to unleash our best self toward living ALiV! (Arms Lifted in Victory!). Childcare is not available. No cost. No pets. Meeting at the church.

Wednesday Interest Groups:

Couch to Crim | Everyone Welcome | Sue Brown, Chuck Cova, Brad & Theresa Zimmerman | Fenton, 6:30pm | Starts 5/8/19 | CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

This is our 12th annual Couch to Crim! This is not a run group for runners, but rather a group for non-runners/walkers to get up off the couch. Enjoy the fellowship of others while walking or running your way to a new level of fitness in a completely casual and fun environment. The end goal is to be in the Crim race in late August. Cost is $5. Childcare is available. Register online or at the Connect Center.

Friday interest groups:

Home Organization | Women Welcome | Keri Lay | Fenton, Every Other Friday at 10am

This group is for all who are interested in bringing organization to their lives. If you are gifted in this area, or you just need more of it in your life, this group is for you! We will discuss things like meal planning or taking care of the house as well as take organization action steps together. The specific needs of each group member will lead us on our organization journeys. Childcare is not available. No cost. No pets in home.

Varying Times/Days Interest Groups:

Singles Activities | Singles Welcome | Chenoa Phillips and Jason Gibbs | Location Varies, Time Varies

Party of one together! Have you wanted to meet other singles over 30 in the church but don't know how? Our singles activity group is the group for you. We will be doing everything from game nights to sporting events. If you are over 30 and single, come join us! We will have 2 activities a month, mostly on weekends. Cost will depend on the activity.

Families with Young Children | Familes with Young Children Welcome | Stephen & Nicole Guiles | Linden, last Saturday of the month | Time Varies

Come join us as we seek to connect and build deep relationships with other families that have younger children. No childcare but children are welcome. No cost unless attending an activity in the community that has a cost. Pets in home: 1 large dog. Meeting monthly usually the last Saturday of the month but this varies.

Mom’s Group | Mothers Welcome | Lindsay Stokes | Location Varies, Time Varies

Calling ALL MOMS! Come join us once a month, as we gather at local places to chat while we watch our children play. What a great time for sowing into one another and lifting one another up, using the Word as a guide. Children are welcome. No cost. No pets. Dates and location to be determined.  

Freezer Meals | Women Welcome | Pam Cova | Hartland, 1 Saturday per month | Starts 6/1/19 

We will be working together to fill our freezers while also making meals for Clara’s Hope sponsored families.  No childcare but children are welcome if old enough to help.  Cost will only be that of the food.  No Pets.

Discipleship Groups

Directed by Dan and Kelly Abel, Discipleship Groups are another network of small groups under the Groups umbrella. These groups are deliberately focused on creating opportunities to learn more about God and put that knowledge into action.

Sunday Discipleship Groups:

Love13 | Young Adult Dating, Engaged, and Married Couples Welcome | Kyle & Sarah Harmer | Flushing, Every Other Sunday at 5:30pm

We are a community of young adult couples bonding over meals, coffee, and conversations. Exploring biblical topics of love and how they impact our relationships. No childcare but children are welcome.  No cost.  Pets in home:  3 cats.

Growing in Community | Everyone Welcome | Rocky & Suzy Geraty | Linden, 6:30 pm 

We are a small community inside the larger community seeking knowledge while getting to know each other better. Children are welcome but we do not have a babysitter. No cost. Pets in home: 2 small dogs. 

Monday Discipleship Groups:

Prayer | Everyone Welcome | Dave & Martha Kemp | Fenton, 7pm (not on first Monday of month)  

We are all about community and learning. We start with an optional pot luck at 6:00pm and a Bible Study from 7:00pm to 8:00 pm. We are continuing our current study thru May and will be starting our next study beginning June 10th. At that time we will be starting a studying on prayer!  Topics will include the purpose, the practice, the power, and the pursuit of prayer.  I’ll be using the Bible, showing videos, leading group exercises, and discussions. Come and enjoy the fellowship and learning God’s Word!  No childcare.  No cost.  Pets in home:  1 small dog.  

Tuesday Discipleship Groups:

Equip | Young Adults Welcome | Angelo & Taylor Idoni | Fenton, Every other Tuesday at 7pm  

Equip is a co-ed young adult Bible study. Right now we are focusing on Romans and reading a chapter at each meeting. There will definitely be snacks! No childcare but children are welcome.  No cost.  No pets in home.

Wednesday Discipleship Groups:

Men’s Sermon Notes Group | Men Welcome | Aaron Stengel | Fenton, 6:30pm | Starts 6/5/19

Men's Group - As your schedule allows, come join us for a great time of fellowship in an environment that will support, encourage, and challenge you in your walk with God. Can't come every week? That's OK.  Come when you can.  Can't join us for the whole meeting? That's OK.  Come as you can. Can't join us at all in-person?  That's OK.  You can still join us in our ongoing GroupMe chats between meetings to stay connected with the rest of your brothers in our church family.    No childcare.  No cost.  Pets in home: 1 cat, 1 dog

Thursday Discipleship Groups:

Goliath Must Fall | Families Welcome | Jim & Ya Bemman | Holly, 6:45pm 

We are a family oriented group with kids and teens who are encouraged to participate in the group. Elementary grade children sometimes choose to play in the basement. No childcare, but children are welcome. No cost. Pets in home: 1 small, hypoallergenic dog.  

*GROUP IS FULL* Heart for Jesus | Everyone Welcome | Kevin & Irene Beebe | Holly, 7pm 

We are a group that is looking to grow in our understanding of God and at the same time connect with others to help on that journey. We are very welcoming to all adult age groups, married or single. No childcare. No cost. Pets: 2 small dogs who are caged during group.

Her Heart | Young Adult Women Welcome | Heather Miller and Meara Miller | Swartz Creek, 8pm

We come together to encourage each other as women to learn from God’s Word what our true purpose is and to see that God created our hearts so beautifully! We are intricate, breathtaking, and created in the image of God. There is a unique part of His heart only we can portray. He knows our heart, and it’s time we start unveiling it together! Join us as a community of young women where we can share life experiences and learn about God’s intentions for creating us! Welcome to Her Heart. No cost. No childcare. Pets in home: None.

Learning Groups

Interim directed by Pastor Carl and Faye Jones, Learning Groups are another network under the Groups umbrella at Freedom Center Church. Learning Groups are the classroom setting of small groups. Our Knowledgeable teachers help to create the chance to build community using the mind and intellect that God has given to each of us. 

*Click the link in the bios below to pre-register for Learning Groups held at the church building*

Sunday Learning Groups:

New Relationship with Jesus! Now What?! | New Believers Welcome | Aaron & Tara Stengel | FCC, 11:30am | Class meets in the Children’s Lobby behind the registration desk.

Starting (or Re-Starting) your walk with Jesus can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. Come share your thoughts, ask questions, and be encouraged as you work toward a better understanding of where you are now in Christ and what your next steps may be. Registration is always open!  Please register 1 week in advance at the Connect Center.

Wednesday Learning Groups:

Passion+Pain+Proficiency=Purpose | Everyone Welcome | Dave Overholser | FCC, 6:30pm | Starts 6/5/19 | CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

“Purpose” is one of the great pursuits of our society right now. Everyone has a desire to feel it, to have it, in some way, shape, or form. Starting June 5th on Wednesday nights at the church, we’ll be exploring how your passions of this life, the pains from your life, and your proficiency in this life all intersect to form the greatest purpose for your life. Childcare is available upon registration at the Connect Center or online.  Registration fee is $5 per person.

Resources for Addicts and Loved Ones of Addicts | Everyone Welcome | Tony Brown | FCC, 6:30 pm | Starts 6/5/19 | CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

There are many people that have loved ones who are in the reality of addiction. Drugs, alcohol, sex, food, etc. are given the top priority in the lives of too many people. There are programs and courses to help the addict, but this class will focus on giving resources to the friends and family of people with addictions. We have a great lineup of professional Christian counselors coming in each week to speak and give resources. Whether you are an addict or the loved one of an addict, come get what you need here. Childcare is available upon registration at the Connect Center or online. Registration fee is $5 per person.

Marriage Enrichment | Married Couples Welcome | Kim & Judi Sivyer | FCC, 6:30 pm | Starts 6/5/19 | CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Pastor Jim says that marriage is the closest thing to heaven or hell on earth, depending on how you approach it. Every married couple has had moments of success and failure. Being together, committed to each other, with Christ as the center, goes a long way. This group will learn to better communicate with each other, care for one another and grow together. Our goal is to promote healthy marriages, so whether you are newly married or seasoned veterans, come be a part of that! Childcare is available upon registration at the Connect Center or online.  Registration fee is $5 per person.

Becoming a Godly Wife | Women Welcome | Sadie Miller | FCC, 6:30 pm | Starts 6/5/19 | CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Does God really expect me to submit to my husband when… He’s not following God? I’ve been alone so long, it’s my nature to lead? I’m better at making decisions? I don’t trust my husband? Yes. I believe God is asking you to do just that. God desires to bless your marriage. He desires that you walk in unity with your husband, not against him. And God desires that your husband be the leader of your home. Let’s discover exactly what God means when He tells us to submit to our husbands, as unto the Lord (Eph. 5:22). Be encouraged and inspired in your marriage and know that your husband can learn to lead and you can learn to follow his lead, without becoming a “yes” woman. Childcare is available upon registration at the Connect Center or online. Cost is $5 per person.

Thursday Learning Groups:

God with the Single Mother: The Unburdened Heart by Suzanne Eller | Single Mothers Welcome | Kimberly Bundy & Cheryl Cowdrey | Fenton, 6:30pm | Starts 5/30/19

Being a single mom can at times be overwhelming and a lot of the time very lonely.  We invite you to come out to learn how to embrace our gift of being a single mom and recognize how we are not alone in this journey.  Joshua 1:9 says, "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Come walk through this amazing book with us by Suzanne Eller, The Unburdened Heart. You will be blessed. Childcare is not provided, but children are welcome. Cost of book is $14.55 on Amazon. Pets in home: 2 cats and 1 small dog.

Foundation Student Groups (Formerly D-Teams)

*Must fill out permission slip in advance*

6th-12th Grade Students Welcome: Video Games

Student Group

Jim Parkin & Dean Kromer & Luke Snell | Fenton | Mondays | 3pm.

Video Games, come out with students who share a common interest. We will dive into the Word and have lots of fun playing video games and bonding over the shared experience. Must fill out a permission form in advance.

6th-12th Grade Students Welcome: Sports

Student Group

Roger & Liz Conn | Fenton | Mondays | 6:30pm.

Sports unite a lot of people and Christians aren't the exception. Join us as we learn and participate in a variety of sports and dive into the heart of God. Must fill out a permission form in advance.

6th-12th Grade Students Welcome: Dating and Purity

Student Group

Chris & Natalie Goltz | Fenton | Wednesdays | 6:30pm. 

Dating and Purity. We dive into youth and building healthy views on dating, relationships, purity and how God designed them. Must fill out a permission form in advance.

6th-12th Grade Students Welcome: Creative Arts

Student Group

Brett Carleton & Mary Merwin & Kim Smith & Jordan Wakefield & Maddie Binnion | Fenton | Thursdays | 6:30pm.

God is the father of creativity, we are going to dive into the creative people we are called to be with the talents we are given and are learning. The creative student groups have multiple avenues such as band practice (for band members only), art, photography, guitar lessons and theater. Must fill out a permission form in advance.


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