Young adults are next! They are the next business owners, pastors, community leaders, parents, health care professionals, teachers, and more. Spiritually, emotionally, occupationally, and mentally, young adults are the next ones to set the tone. On Mondays at 7pm, Encounter aims to give young adults the opportunity to advance from adolescence to adulthood and take those places of influence by encountering God, encountering people, and being prepared for the next steps of life.

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Nostalgia is everywhere- it's in the movies, shows, and music we enjoy, the clothes we wear, and the advertisements that we watch. In so many ways, it has become part of the cultural zeitgeist. But how far is too far? Wat if our love for nostalgia is holding us back from bigger and better things? Join us for this journey at Encounter, Mondays at 7 PM.


Small groups


Sermon Notes Group (Young Adult Men and Women Welcome)

Chris and Katie Dobek | Swartz Creek | 8pm | No childcare (Children welcome) | No cost | 1 dog in home | Weekly group

The Breakdown takes Monday night Encounter sermons and discusses them piece by piece. We have open discussion and answer questions relevant to the message. 


Bible Study Group (Young Adult Women Welcome)

Heather Miller and Meara Miller | Swartz Creek | 8pm | No childcare | No cost | 1 dog in home | Weekly group

We come together to encourage each other as women to learn from God’s Word what our true purpose is and to see that God created our hearts so beautifully!  We are intricate, breathtaking, and created in the image of God.  There is a unique part of His heart only we can portray.  He knows our heart and it’s time we start unveiling it together!  Join us as a community of young women where we can share life experiences and learn about God’s intentions for creating us. Welcome to Her Heart!


Bible Study Group (Young Adult Men and Women Welcome)

Jordan Ellsworth | Flint | 8pm | No childcare | No cost | No pets in home | Weekly group

Welcome to Reveal! We are reading books of the Bible by chapter and verse, allowing God to reveal Himself to us. We are finishing up 1 Samuel and then moving into Revelation.