You have talents and passions that are unique to you. Everyone has the desire to operate in their talents and passions. Freedom Center has many opportunities for you to do just that!

Everyone is a valuable part of this church. Volunteers take ownership of our church. The following is a list of opportunities to serve the church and the community. Look them over and fill out the form below. We are thrilled that you want to take this step!


Volunteering opportunities


Baristas | REgister | Kitchen Workers


Clara's Hope Orphan care

Taking meals to families | cleaning team | encouragement cards | Childcare | transportation to appointments


Creative arts

Electric guitar | Bass | keys

 lights | Lyric slides |  video tech | Camera


Family ministry

nursery (Infants-35 Months) | Clubhouse (3 Years-Kindergarten) | Root 66 (1st-5th grade) | Freedom Friends Special Needs (All Ages)


Fenton center of hope

Food pantry volunteers | Baby Closet Volunteers



Greeters | Hosts | Connect Center workers | Ushers


Online church

Social media moderators | audio engineers | video Switcher | camera


Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Team members | 50 Chair Pastors



bus ministry | security | check in | student Connections | setup team | Sunday morning pancakes


If any of these opportunities interest you, please fill out and submit the form below for more information.

Name *
Please fill in the ministry and position in that ministry from the list above with which you have an interest.