Youth Ministry | 6th-12th grade | SUNDAYS 6:30PM

Foundation Youth Movement is Freedom Center's 6th-12th grade ministry. Foundation is the place to be on Sunday nights at 6:30! We also have a Sunday morning service at 11:30, D-Teams on Wednesday nights, and multiple youth trips and events throughout the year. Our motto is "love God, love people, love to party." On an average night, you can expect a crazy game, amazing worship music, intense lights, relevant speakers, and an awesome group of people who love God! FYM is a community of peers and leaders that will love your guts. We are all about restoring hope, healing hearts, and sharing the love of Christ through outreach, discipleship, and mentoring. 


Young adults are next! They are the next business owners, pastors, community leaders, parents, health care professionals, teachers, and more. Spiritually, emotionally, occupationally, and mentally, young adults are the next ones to set the tone. On Mondays at 7pm, Encounter aims to give young adults the opportunity to advance from adolescence to adulthood and take those places of influence by encountering God, encountering people, and being prepared for the next steps of life.


Sunday morning children services provide age appropriate ministry to children from infants through fifth grade including special needs. They will experience a safe and fun environment to get to know God, who they are in God and develop a hunger for more of God. We Reach Kids, Impact Families and Affect the Community. This is Freedom Center Family Ministry.

women's ministry | 1st Monday of Every month | 6:30pm

The heart of this ministry is to see the women in Fenton and the surrounding area walk with Jesus daily through a personal relationship with Him. We strive to love each other consistently and challenge each other to be better in our busy lives. Women's Ministry is for any female who desires to know Jesus greater. Join us the first Monday night of every month at 6:30pm in the main auditorium. 1 Peter 3:1-2 …they may be won over without words but by the behavior…, when they see the purity and reverence of your lives.

men's MINISTRY | 1st Monday of Every month | 6:30pm

Men's Ministry at Freedom Center means setting up families, communities, and future generations of men for success. As we become the men God asks us to be, we not only honor God, we lead the people around us well. Through once a month meetings (1st Mondays), breakfasts (3rd Saturdays), and mentoring (Triad program), building the bonds of brotherhood is available to any man that chooses to take the opportunity.

creative arts

Freedom Center Worship is a family of worshippers built on authenticity, community and His presence. Our goal is to pursue God, through the arts and creative environments, where we can come and experience the fullness of God. Our expressions of worship are responses to a good Father.

fenton challenge

Fenton Challenge aims to bridge the gap between the community and the church. Through fellowship, attendance to events, and networking with the tri-city area, we believe that we can utilize people's passions for the greater good of the Kingdom. We are particularly geared towards influencing the leadership in the area, knowing that change starts from the head.


The Freedom Center Ministry Academy (FCMA), is a year of your life dedicated strictly to growing deeper in your relationship with Christ. This life is not our own, so the first year of FCMA is all about dying to yourself and coming alive in Christ. It is a year to learn to Lead yourself well. Pastor Jason and his team are here to encourage, and help build up each student up in Christ.

IGROW School of ministry

iGROW is all about developing a deeper relationship with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We are about learning what it means to be a Christian and what it looks like to walk it out.  We accomplish this through discipleship, by being disciples and learning how to disciple others so we can fulfill what Jesus called us to do; and that is to reach out to the world and share the love that Jesus has for each and every one of us. Our foundational scriptures are Ephesians 4:12-16 and Matthew 28:19


Life Groups are designed to connect people to one another in genuine relationship.  It's in this smaller environment that people get to know others and become known. We were not meant to live life alone and the Bible is clear, we are stronger when we live together in unity. This fellowship and camaraderie brings life and health to each member of the group, and ultimately the church body as a whole.

Fenton Center of Hope

The Fenton Center of Hope houses three of Freedom Center's ministries that have incredible impact in the community of Fenton: Clara's Hope Orphan Care Ministry, The Baby Closet, and The Food Pantry. These teams of people are ready and willing to assist the needs that arise in the lives of individuals and families. For more information on any of these ministries, call our office at 810.629.5261

Freedom Center missions

We recognize that more people than just those that live in Fenton need Jesus a Savior and Lord of their lives. Freedom Center missions, with partnerships in places such as Haiti, Romania, Mexico, Italy, Cuba, Serbia, India, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, and more, and missionaries that we support in countries that we can and cannot name, aims to make a global impact for Jesus Christ.