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Book Study Group (Men Welcome)

Aaron Stengel | Fenton | 6:30pm | No childcare | Cost of book | 1 cat in home | Not on 1st Mondays of the month (Off in May)

All men are welcome to come get into God’s Word, pray, share testimony, be challenged to grow and to ‘do life’ in fellowship with our community of men.  We will be discussing John Bevere’s latest book, Killing Kryptonite.  Bring your Bible.


Book Study Group (Everyone Welcome)

Dave and Martha Kemp | Fenton | 7pm | No childcare | Cost of book | 1 small dog in home | Not on 1st Mondays of the month

We will be going through Francis Chan's Crazy Love. Our group is focused on making friends while studying the Word.  This study includes a 10 minute video followed by discussion each week.  Everyone is welcome to come.



Book Study Group (Women Welcome)

Karen Byrne and Debbie Jensen | Fenton | 7pm | No childcare | Cost of book | 2 cats in home | Weekly

We are inviting women to come and enjoy Joyce Meyer's How to Hear from God. Grow closer to other women believers while learning how to hear the voice that we all yearn to hear. Learn the amazing things he has planned for us!


The Breakdown (Young Adult Men and Women Welcome)

Chris and Katie Dobek | Swartz Creek | 8pm | No childcare | No cost | 1 dog in home | Weekly

We breakdown Encounter's Monday night sermons so that those who cannot make it on Mondays can still understand what's being taught. We take the notes and message from Monday nights, break them down, and have open discussions and questions.



Bible Study Group (Everyone Welcome)

Chuck and Kelly Russell | Howell | 6:30pm | No Childcare | No cost | No pets | Weekly

Single, married, young or old....we welcome you to our humble abode! We will be studying the book of Romans.  Dinner will also be served since we are further away. Bring your Bible and let's study the book that shapes so many of our lives.


Sermon Notes Group (Everyone Welcome)

Frank and Janet Watson | Fenton | 6:45pm | No Childcare | No cost | No pets | Weekly

Singles and couples are welcome to join us in fellowship as we study the Word, taking time for worship and prayer. We will be studying Pastor Jim’s sermon notes, with a time to ask questions and grow in our faith together.



Bible Study Group (Women Welcome)

Faye Jones | Gaines | 10am | Children welcome | No cost | 1 dog in home | Bi-weekly

Wisdom is very much underrated in society today. We are excited to offer a study and discussion on a book of the Bible with incredible wisdom: Proverbs. The heart is for us to build community and apply these truths to our lives in order to impact other lives. We are digging our roots deep!  Children are welcome, but we will not have a paid childcare person. The kids are encouraged to play and build community amongst themselves! 


Book Study Group (Families Welcome)

BJ and Amanda Burton | Linden | 6pm | Childcare available ($5 per family/week) | No cost | 2 dogs in home | Weekly

We are a young family welcoming everyone to a study of Pastor Jim's book, "Why Is Greater Than What." We will be using the book to dive deeper into the unique passion, pain and purpose that God has given each of us. As a part of this group we will be using the things we learn to cast visions for our lives including anything from family to finances and how to pursue the individual ministries God has given us. Pastor Jim has generously donated however books we need!


DVD Series Group (Everyone Welcome)

Jim and Ya Bemman | Holly | 6:30pm | Childcare available | No cost | 1 dog in home | Weekly

We are a small group of families and teens interacting in study.  This semester we will be doing the DVD series, Goliath Must Fall:  Winning the Battle Against Your Giants, by Louie Giglio.


DVD Series Group (Parents Welcome)

Brad and Selena Dawson | Holly | 6:30pm | Childcare available ($5 per family/week) | $13 book cost | 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 8 chicken in home | Weekly (Starts June 21st)

 Preparation for Parenting provides a prescription for responsible parenting.  The infant management plan offered by the Ezzos, successfully and naturally helps infants synchronize their feeding, wake and nighttime sleep cycles.  Learning how to manage your newborn is the first critical step in teaching your child how to manage his or her life.


Bible Study Group (Everyone Welcome)

Tom and Kathy Houle | Holly | 7pm | No childcare | No cost | 2 small dogs in home (caged during group) | Weekly

We are a group that is looking to grow in our understanding of God and at the same time connect with others to help on that journey.  This semester we will study a book of the Bible as well as a few other topics.  We are very welcoming to all adult age groups


Her Heart (Young Adult Women Welcome)

Heather Miller and Meara Miller | Swartz Creek | 8pm | No childcare | No cost |1 dog in home | Weekly

We come together to encourage each other as women to learn from God’s Word what our true purpose is and to see that God created our hearts so beautifully!  We are intricate, breathtaking, and created in the image of God.  There is a unique part of His heart only we can portray.  He knows our heart and it’s time we start unveiling it together!  Join us as a community of young women where we can share life experiences and learn about God’s intentions for creating us!


Reveal (Young Adult Men and Women Welcome)

Jordan Ellsworth | Flint | 8pm | Children welcome | No cost | No pets | Weekly

Hello! I'm hosting "Reveal", a Bible study aimed at discovering and revealing God's character. Come on over Thursday at 8pm as we go through 1st Samuel verse by verse.  No childcare but you are welcome to bring your children.




Bible Study Group (Everyone Welcome)

Rocky and Suzy Geraty | Linden | 6:30pm | Childcare available | No cost | 2 small dogs in home | Weekly

This is a New Testament study with a focus on how the New Testament applies to our lives and the growth of our church and community.  We are a leveling group of people looking for people to do life together with. Children are welcome as we all pitch in together to care for them.


Love 13 (Young adult dating, engaged, and married couples welcome)

Kyle and Sarah Harmer | Flushing | 5:30pm | Children welcome | No cost | 3 cats and 2 gerbils | Bi-weekly

We are looking to build a community of young couples through made-from scratch dinners, and coffee table discussions of the attributes of Love. Join us to strengthen your relationship, whether you are dating, engaged or newly married.  We care deeply for couples, and their walk with Christ, so know that this group and what sensitive things may be shared there-within are kept between friends. No childcare but children are welcome



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