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Men's Bible Study (Men Welcome)

Aaron Stengel | Fenton | 6:30pm | No childcare | No cost | 1 cat in home | Not on 1st Mondays of the month

All men are welcome to come get into God's Word, pray, share testimonies, be challenged to grow, and "do life" in fellowship with our community of men. The topic of study and dinner plans will be voted on by the group. Bring your Bible! 


Relationship Builders (Men & Women Welcome)

Dave and Martha Kemp | Fenton | 7pm | No childcare | No cost | 1 small dog in home | Not on 1st Mondays of the month

Not a Fan, by Kyle Idleman, is a life changing study that is not a conventional small group experience. It is a cinematic journey, a series of six mini-movies, with the perspective and depth to help shape our relationship with God into a first century Christ follower. In this study, you will find the journey of Eric Nelson, a man leading a compartmentalized triple life as a pleasure seeking rebel, a cutthroat corporate executive, and a nominal Christian. But when confronted with a near death experience, Eric embarks on a spiritual journey that transforms his commitment to Jesus Christ and tests the faith of his friends and family. This study includes a 30 minute video followed by discussions. Everyone is welcome to come. 



Purpose Driven Women (Women Welcome)

Sue Brown | Linden | 9:30am | No childcare | Approx $20 for book and study guide | 1 dog in home

I love to open up my home and heart to others who want to know more about Jesus and all that he has for us. I would be so blessed to connect with you over a cup of coffee and a cozy fire and explore what our purpose is and how to live it out. Please join me as we go through "A Purpose Driven Life: What Am I Here For?" by Rick Warren


Women's Health and Wellness (Women Welcome)

Jenny Isaac and Tracy Roney | Fenton | 10am | No childcare | Approx $20 for the book | 1 dog in home

"Nourish" is a new book by Katie will provide you with encouragement and practical knowledge for living a healthy lifestyle, in addition to providing a balance of spiritual and physical nourishment. This book will inspire you to get healthy from the inside out. Join a community of women as the new year begins to improve spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Men's Life Group (Men Welcome)

Matt McKinnon and Mike Miller | Brighton | 7pm | No childcare | No cost

All men are welcome to join us in a men's Bible study. This study is designed to promote community and growth in men. Specific Biblical topics to be studied and discussed will be determined when we start. Bring your Bible!


The Breakdown (Young Adult Men and Women Welcome)

Chris and Katie Dobek | Swartz Creek | 8pm | No childcare | No cost | 1 dog in home

We breakdown Encounter's Monday night sermons so that those who cannot make it on Mondays can still understand what's being taught. We take the notes and message from Monday nights, break them down, and have open discussions and questions.



Gifts of the Spirit (Families Welcome)

BJ and Amanda Burton | Linden | 6pm | Childcare available ($5 per week) | No cost | 2 dogs in home

We are a group of young families welcoming everyone. we gather to share the day today that life gives us as we grow in our relationship with God. This semester we will be studying the gifts of the spirit and how they apply in today’s world. We look forward to connecting with everyone who joins us for the study of what God gives through these gifts.



Not a Fan DVD Series (Families Welcome)

Jim and Ya Bemman | Holly | 6:30pm | Childcare available | No cost | 1 dog in home

We are a group of friends with children in elementary, middle, and high school. This semester, we will be doing the DVD series Not a Fan, by Kyle Idleman.


Heart for Jesus - Study of Ephesians (Men and Women Welcome)

Tom and Kathy Houle | Holly | 7pm | No childcare | No cost | 2 small dogs in home (caged during group)

We are a group that is looking to grow in our understanding of God and, at the same time, connect with others to help on that journey. This semester we will study the book of Ephesians as well as a few other topics. We are very welcoming to all adult age groups, married or single.


Her Heart (Young Adult Women Welcome)

Heather Miller and Meara Miller | Swartz Creek | 8pm| No childcare | No cost |1 dog in home

We come together to encourage each other as women to learn from God’s Word our true purpose and to see that God created our hearts so beautifully! We are intricate, breathtaking, and created in the image of God. There is a unique part of His heart only we can portray. He knows our heart and it’s time we start unveiling it together!  Join us here, as a community of young women, we can share life experiences and learn about God’s intention for creating us!



Killing Kryptonite: Destroy What Steals Your Strength by John Bevere (Women Welcome)

Mary Cunningham and Elizabeth Trees | Gaines | 10am | No childcare | Approximately $13 for book | 2 dogs and 1 bird in home

We were created to partner with God in ruling and reigning over the earth. He made us to be powerful, reflecting his image. Much like Superman, we are destined to live supernaturally for the good of the world around us. Why is it, then, that so many of us aren’t experiencing this amazing potential? In a word: kryptonite. There is a spiritual kryptonite that operate silently in the shadows to steal our strength and undermine our glorious potential as God’s people. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Not for the faint of heart, this course will radically change and challenge you. Extraordinary transformation is possible, and it’s closer than you think. The only thing in the way is kryptonite. It’s time to identify it, confront it, kill it, and step into a life without limitations.


Blended Families Life Group (Meets every other Friday) (Blended Families Welcome)

Justin and Shevon Worthing | Flint | 6:30pm | No childcare | Approximatelty $15 for book | No pets

We will be learning and growing together as blended families, discussing the many issues that come up in these unique homes.  We will be going through the book "Blended Families" by Jimmie Evans.We want to include all married, blended families.  No childcare.  Pet free home.  Cost: Book is approx. $15 online.  First meeting is Jan. 12, 2018



Growing in Community (Men and Women Welcome)

Rocky and Suzy Geraty | Linden | 6:30pm | Childcare available | No cost | 2 small dogs in home

We are currently walking through the New Testament and are interested in building a core group pf people to build our community, church, and each other. 



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