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Interest Group (Everyone Welcome)

Chuck & Pam Cova | Fenton area | Varying times | No childcare | No cost, some activities may have fees

The Fall Colors Tour is for the casual outdoor enthusiast of all ages and abilities. We will meet weekly at various locations and share some outdoor experience from all that our area has to offer. We'll take advantage of everything from farmers markets and cider mills to hiking trails, casual bike rides, kayaking and more. Our devotional time will coincide with the activity to help us encounter Jesus in our fellowship, in nature and the adventures we experience.  


Interest Group (Everyone Welcome)

Theresa Ann Gebhardt | Fenton area | Varying times | No childcare | No cost

We will be studying our call to missions and doing local outreach in the community to fulfill our call to “love God, love people and love to serve.”  No childcare but children 4th grade and older will be welcome for some outreaches.




Book Study Group (Women Welcome)

Jen Isaac | Fenton | 10am | No childcare | Cost of book/study guide (Approx $20) | 1 cat/1 dog in home | Weekly meeting

Ladies, join me in going through Katie Farrell's book, Nourish. The message of this book is unique as it addresses all three aspects of health: spirit, soul, and body. The practical and spiritual tools provided in this book are what sets it apart from the rest of its kind. This book encourages the reader to first pursue health on a heart level, bringing lasting change that comes from the inside out


Sermon Notes Group (Men Welcome)

Aaron Stengel | Fenton | 7pm | No childcare | No cost | 1 cat in home | Weekly group (Not on 1st Mondays of the month) (Starts in October)

Come join our community of men for a great time of fellowship in an environment that will support, encourage and challenge you in your walk with God.


Book Study Group (Everyone Welcome)

Dave and Martha Kemp | Fenton | 7pm | No childcare | Cost of book (Approx $15) | 1 small dog in home | Weekly group (Not on 1st Mondays of the month)

Our group is focused on community and learning the Word of God.  We will be reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. This study includes a 10 minute video followed by discussion each week.  




Book Study Group (Blended Family Couples Welcome)

Eric and Martine Emmons | Fenton | 6:30pm | No childcare | Possible book cost | 1 dog in home | Weekly group

We wish to create a ‘safe’ community to share the joys and struggles of re-marriage and blending families.  Curriculum to be determined so there may be a cost for a book or study guide. Community and support is so important in this process. Join us on Tuesday evenings!


Book Study Group (Women Welcome)

Karen Byrne and Debbie Jensen | Fenton | 7pm | No childcare | Cost of book (Approx. $10) | 2 cats in home | Weekly group

Ladies, we will be reading Becoming a Woman of Extraordinary Faith by Julie Clinton. Challenge your faith in an adventure with God, who loves, pursues and cherishes you. This is a book study with weekly DVD. 


Sermon Notes Group (Young Adult Men and Women Welcome)

Chris and Katie Dobek | Swartz Creek | 8pm | No childcare (Children welcome) | No cost | 1 dog in home | Weekly group

The Breakdown takes Monday night Encounter sermons and discusses them piece by piece. We have open discussion and answer questions relevant to the message. 




Book Study Group (Women Welcome)

Lola Lucio | Fenton | 10am | No childcare | Cost of book/study guide (Approx. $20) | 3 dogs in home | Weekly group

Author, Lysa TerKeurst digs deep into God’s word to help you identify the roots of rejection, overcome the damage that past hurts can inflict on your relationships today, and fully grasp what it looks like to live loved. We are reading her book, Uninvited, together. Love to see you here, ladies!




Book Study Group (Single Mother's Welcome)

Kimberly Bundy and Cheryl Cowdrey | Fenton | 7pm | Childcare available | Cost of book (Approx. $6) | 1 cat/1 dog in home | Weekly group  

Being a single mom can be overwhelming and sometimes extremely lonely.  We feel at times abandoned and even ill equipped for this life as a single mom.  We invite you to come out to learn how to embrace our gift of being a single mom and recognize how we are not alone in this journey.  Joshua 1:9 says "Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."  We will be walking together as we study the Word of God and read through an amazing book entitled, "The Unseen Companion" by Michelle Lynn Senter.  


Sermon Notes Group (Everyone Welcome)

Jim & Debbie Gillespie | Flint | 6:30pm | No childcare | No cost | 2 dogs in home | Weekly group

We are so excited to open up our home to be able to discuss our church home! All are welcome to join us on Thursday nights at 6:30 pm as we discuss the Sunday morning message from the week before. We normally walk out of services inspired, challenged, or questioning. Let’s talk together about how to live out those things daily. Hope you’ll join us!  


Book Study Group (Parents Welcome)

Brad & Selena Dawson | Holly | 6:30pm | Childcare available ($5/family) | Cost of book (Approx. $25) | 2 cats/2 dogs in home | Weekly group

In the beginning, God created the universe and declared it to be good. He created man in His own imagine, male and female, and placed them in a garden, where He also placed two fruit bearing trees:  The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The fruit of the first tree brings life, the fruit of the second leads unto death. This is where the human story begins—this is where our story begins—with a choice between life and death. But not just life or death, but rather a choice between a way of life and a way of death. Two trees with two different outcomes. From which tree will your parenting be guided? Join us for Growing Kids God’s Way.  


Sermon Notes Group (Families Welcome)

Stephen and Nicole Guiles | Linden | 6:30pm | Childcare available (rotating parents) | No cost | 1 dog in home | Weekly group

Come join us as we seek to connect and build deep relationships with other families that have younger children. We will be going over the Sunday morning sermon each week. Childcare is available by parents rotating who watches the children each week.


Bible Study Group (Everyone Welcome)

Kevin and Irene Beebe | Holly | 7pm | No childcare | No cost | 2 dogs in home (caged during) | Weekly group

We are a group that is looking to grow in our understanding of God and at the same time connect with others to help on that journey. We are very welcoming to all adult age groups, married or single but we don’t have room for childcare.   


Bible Study Group (Young Adult Women Welcome)

Heather Miller and Meara Miller | Swartz Creek | 8pm | No childcare | No cost | 1 dog in home | Weekly group

We come together to encourage each other as women to learn from God’s Word what our true purpose is and to see that God created our hearts so beautifully!  We are intricate, breathtaking, and created in the image of God.  There is a unique part of His heart only we can portray.  He knows our heart and it’s time we start unveiling it together!  Join us as a community of young women where we can share life experiences and learn about God’s intentions for creating us. Welcome to Her Heart!


Bible Study Group (Young Adult Men and Women Welcome)

Jordan Ellsworth | Flint | 8pm | No childcare | No cost | No pets in home | Weekly group

Welcome to Reveal!  We are reading books of the Bible by chapter and verse, allowing God to reveal Himself to us.  We are finishing up 1st Samuel and then moving into Revelations. 




Book Study Group (Women Welcome)

Mary Cunningham | Gaines | 10am | No childcare | Cost of book (Approx. $12) | 2 dogs/1 bird in home | Weekly group 

The atmosphere around you is alive with unseen spiritual activity—a battle between forces of darkness and light. You can take dominion over the supernatural environment for the Kingdom of God! We will be reading Shifting Atmospheres: A Strategy for Victorious Spiritual Warfare by Dawna DeSilva.


Book Study Group (Women Welcome)

Tina Jackson | Fenton | 10:30am | No childcare | No cost | 2 cats/1 dog in home | Weekly group

Ladies, please consider coming on Fridays for a light snack, fellowship, Bible study and prayer.  This semester we are studying "God Wants You Well" by Andrew Wommack.  I am expecting healings to manifest as we study the Word of God and renew our minds to the promises that are available.


Bible Study Group (Everyone Welcome)

Chuck and Kelly Russell | South Howell | 6:30pm | No childcare | No cost (Bring your Bible) | No pets in home | Weekly group

Food, FUN and fellowship!  It is worth the drive. We will be studying the book of Hebrews.  Everyone is welcome – we currently have singles and couples ranging in age from 45 to 65. Love to see you here with us.


Book Study Group (Married Couples Welcome)

Matt and Kim McKinnon | Brighton | 7pm | No childcare (Children welcome) | No cost | 2 dogs in home | Weekly group

Whether newly married or married for many years, this study is bound to enhance every marriage by introducing common sense and biblical truths to us. Build community together while learning how to better equip ourselves in our marriages. We will be going through Marriage on the Rock by Jimmy Evans.




Bible Study Group (Everyone Welcome)

Rocky and Suzy Geraty | Linden | 6:30pm | No childcare (children welcome) | No cost | 2 small dogs in home | Weekly

This is a New Testament study with a focus on how the New Testament applies to our lives and the growth of our church and community.  We are a small community of people doing life together and trying to be a blessing to the larger community. 


Bible Study Group (Young Adult Dating/Engaged/Married Couples Welcome)

Kyle and Sarah Harmer | Flushing | 5:30pm | No childcare (children welcome) | No cost | 3 cats in home | Bi-weekly group

Love13 looks to build a community of young couples through made-from scratch dinners, and coffee table discussions of the attributes of Love. Join us to strengthen your relationship, whether you are dating, engaged or newly married.  We care deeply for couples, and their walk with Christ, so know that this group and what sensitive things may be shared there-within are kept between friends. 



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